Will Van Dyke and Jeff Talbott are a writing team. They write musicals. They write songs. Jeff writes plays. Will writes music for plays. They basically, just... write. Every. Single. Day. They love spending their time sending stories and music out into the world. They believe music and stories about the complicated, necessary act of navigating life with kindness in your heart and a song on your lips is the kind of act that makes the planet a little bit better. Their work has won recognition from peers and organizations, but the truth is they simply love doing it. Come on in. Sit down. We’ve got stories to tell you.

Mike is 16 and today is a big day. He’s been holding in a big secret for awhile, and today his secret is totally coming out. But there are two important things about secrets: (1) everybody has ‘em and (2) however scary they are, the build-up is always leading to those ten terrifying seconds in which you just...say it. All it takes is a little reckless courage.  Mike is about to find out that it’s on the other side of the telling that all the good stuff sits waiting. Mike, his dad, his sister, his friends...they’re all about to step bravely into those scary and rewarding seconds, and it all happens TODAY. Ten Brave Seconds is a bright and shiny new musical that takes place from sunrise to sundown on one big day for everybody.

10 friends. 1 break-up. 8 slo-mo nervous breakdowns. The Circle and the Wheel is a new original musical about a group of friends getting ready to celebrate the marriage of their favorite couple.  But when the couple suddenly and unexpectedly breaks up, it forces everybody else to look in the mirror and examine their own relationships, and nobody is ready for what they see.  A little bit of self-reflection is a good thing; too much can be a disaster.

Samantha (Sam) Walker and Denny Clark are best friends and small town kids, just getting through their days working in a diner in Eastern Wyoming.  They've got each other, but they're both ready to bust out, terrified of wasting one more day going nowhere.  As they inch their way East, from small town to big city, they leave a string of broken hearts behind - but the question is, will the last two hearts to be broken be theirs?  Seven Broken Hearts is a brand-new three-person pop-driven musical about the wending ways of love and friendship,  and how staying true to yourself is so hard when you're not quite sure who you are yet.

Set in the Nebraska Territories in the 1850's, Wintersong tells the story of Leo Harper, a homesteader with a lot to love and a lot to lose. He came west with his wife and his brother, and they are making a go of it - but Leo is his own worst enemy and can't control his suspicious thoughts.  In a land where emotions are as limitless as the sky, Leo needs to learn that joy comes at the cost of abandoning jealousy before it is too late. And that love requires you to awaken your faith.

Imagine Harry is a story about recognizing that your real life is better than anything you could ever imagine; you just have to look. When Tucker was 8, his best friend, Harry, was imaginary. Now, Tucker’s all grown up, and he’s not making much of a mark on the world; he lives at home and works as a waiter. And Harry? Well, he’s left the imaginary friend business and is living as a mortal, a married guy with a kid on the way. But neither of them is doing a bang-up job. They both need to step up - to be a good son (Tucker) or a good father (Harry). So they have to find a way to help each other before it’s too late. Imagine Harry is a musical for grown-ups about the very tricky business of growing up

July 2021

The Bitter End

Will is playing LIVE with his band on July 22nd at The Bitter End. The band will be playing "The Mayor" as well as other new songs by Will and Jeff. Tickets are $10 and ON SALE NOW.

June 2021

The Mayor

Will and his band released their debut EP, "The Mayor" on June 25th, 2021. The EP features 7 new songs by Will & Jeff performed by Will and his band. "The Mayor" is available now wherever you stream music!

April 2021

A New Musical - Also Live!

Will and Jeff will be sharing two songs from their new musical Ten Brave Seconds as part of the New Works Series for New York Theatre Barn on Wednesday night, April 14 at 7 p.m. The show is the story of one day in the life of Mike - a 16-year-old on the verge of letting everybody know exactly who he is. The evening will feature an interview with Will and Jeff and two of the songs from the musical, performed by the ultra-awesome Makai Hernandez, Angela Travino and Troy Iwata. You can catch it all on NYTB's YouTube channel - details can be found in this Broadway.com story. Tune in and be the first to hear a new musical coming to life!

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